what’s new


it’s your space, customize it 😁

change the color of focus app or any project to have unique design

show more details

double tap on any task to show more details, to take an action like: view, share or delete any task

add sections and re-order

add : at the end to make it as a section. Hold down any subtask or section to re-order them

navigate, edit, remind or assign task to a project

swipe up to switch between subtasks and edit view. Set a due date or due time to keep you informed on the timing of a task

edit task title

hold down any task to change task title

create subtasks

create subtasks to break down big task and swipe to left to delete it

create new note

create new note then add any componant. Double tap on any componant to show other componants that are available to add. Swipe to left to delete componant

edit subtasks

double tap on any subtask to change subtask title